Meeting My Lansing Legislators

Today I had the honor of meeting with my Lansing legislators. Mike McCready is the state representative from the district where my school is located in Bloomfield Hills. Jim Townsend is the state rep from where I live in Royal Oak. Marty Knollenberg is the state senator for the district that encompasses both where I live and work. All three legislators were very interested in my role as Michigan Teacher of the Year. Above all, they were so appreciative of the fact that I came to them to introduce myself and explain the nature of my year as MTOY. The biggest takeaway I had from this experience was that our legislators not only need to hear from us, they want to hear from us. They need to make

The Idea Hive - Where Ideas Turn to Action

The Idea Hive - Where Ideas Turn to Action “Trust me, Dad, just trust me.” These powerful words concluded a role-play I had just finished with a dynamic young man from Dewitt High School named Liam. Liam was playing a high school student and I was playing the role of a parent as we acted out a scene where Liam was explaining his plans for the future. He was trying to assuage the father’s doubts about his son’s college plans and potential career choice. Just minutes before I had asked a yearbook class of about 20 juniors and seniors if they ever felt pressure to live up to their family’s expectations of them. They shared their concerns with each other and the whole group. Earlier in the class