SOGI Conference Steps Up

The Michigan Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues in Education Conference was a rousing success. This year we were reminded of the need to create climate change in our classrooms and communities. We are taking our next steps toward creating safe and inclusive climates in our classrooms, schools, and school districts. We are stepping out to change the climate in our communities and places of work to ensure all of us are safe and free from discrimination regardless of our actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Laurie Bechhofer of the MDE has been an advocate for students who are LGBTQ for many years Colleagues come together to learn about LGBTQ issues in the classr

Teacher Lab Love

Teacher Lab provides colleagues the opportunity to participate in a job-embedded three-part process of professional learning: 1. Meet together with colleagues who share the same problem of practice or area of focus to study and reflect on that specific area of professional inquiry 2. Observe a colleague teach live, while focusing - again - on that specific area of focus 3. Debrief with the host teacher and guest teachers in order to reflect on successes and areas of challenge in order to spur ongoing professioanl learning

Excellent Education for All

As the Michigan Teacher of the Year for 2016, I serve as an ambassador between educators and students throughout the state and the Michigan Legislature, Department of Education, and State Board of Education. In this role, I visit schools from Iron Mountain to Monroe to observe educational practices and report on them to state policymakers. My conversations and observations in a variety of school districts have given me a clearer understanding of the reality of life for Michigan teachers. While the quality of teaching constantly is being challenged, systemic inequity is the greatest obstacle to education. Nowhere is that more true than in Detroit, where the recent teacher sickouts have put a

Detroit Loyola - Serving Growing Excelling

Service to others. An intense preservation of relationships. A commitment to community built on Christian principles of love. These are the characteristics that embody Loyola High School. A unique learning environment on the westside of Detroit, Loyola has grown steadily over the past 23 years due to the passionate dedication of every member of its staff to reach and teach every young man who walks through its doors each day. Loyola is a catholic school in the purest sense of the word, that is, a "universal" institution where all students are truly welcome to enter into a community of care and service to others regardless of their religious affiliation. One of the key components that sets Lo


When I first stepped inside Saginaw High School, I could feel a palpable sense of resiliency and community pride that runs deep in this mid-Michigan town. The smallest of the state’s three key historic automobile producing communities, Saginaw – like Flint and Detroit – is reinventing itself for the Information Age. I was brought to Saginaw as the guest of State Board of Education member Pamela Pugh. Pam is a proud graduate of Saginaw High, and her support of the community was immediately evidenced by the warm welcome she received from students, teachers and Principal Janice Davis. More than an alumna, Pam is an advocate and ally for students, teachers and community members who all work toge