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Detroit Loyola - Serving Growing Excelling

Service to others. An intense preservation of relationships. A commitment to community built on Christian principles of love.

These are the characteristics that embody Loyola High School. A unique learning environment on the westside of Detroit, Loyola has grown steadily over the past 23 years due to the passionate dedication of every member of its staff to reach and teach every young man who walks through its doors each day. Loyola is a catholic school in the purest sense of the word, that is, a "universal" institution where all students are truly welcome to enter into a community of care and service to others regardless of their religious affiliation.

One of the key components that sets Loyola apart from other high schools in the city with hard working, caring teachers is the Loyola Work Experience Program. Based on the Cristo Rey model, juniors and seniors from Loyola are given the opportunity to work at a host of companies and non-profit organizations throughout the Detroit-metro area one day a week during their junior and senior years. This opportunity to gain experience in a professional setting enables students to concretely envision themselves in a place that may be different from the environments with which they are familiar. It works. Loyola students regularly distinguish themselves through their enthusiasm, work ethic and willingness to serve these organizations. Some pursue additional internships and opportunities after graduation in these workplaces. All have powerful reasons to come to school each day as Loyola makes "school" very relevant and very real in the lives of kids who have few other opportunities remotely close to what the LWEP provides.

100% of Loyola students are accepted to college. This is certainly due to the design and implementation of Loyola's academic program and the willingness of teachers and staff to do whatever it takes to help students succeed. Loyola students have college and career ambitions that are supported by a school community that expects a combination of excellent effort and high achievement.

Class size at Loyola hovers around 15 students, and there are approximately 40 kids in each grade. This insures that these young men receive the support that they require. As many enter high school with considerable challenges, they quickly fall into a disciplined routine geared toward their academic growth and success. The school provides breakfast, lunch and an after school snack to all students. Each student is placed into one of five "houses" named after an influential founding member of the Loyola community. Much like the fictional world of Harry Potter's Hogwarts, this additional level of identity provides a sense of import and belonging. The nutritional, emotional and academic stability that Loyola provides its students unquestionably helps each individual maximize his potential.

Loyola has highly successful athletic and debate teams which provide students with additional reasons to come to school. Loyola does great things with a very modest physical plant and limited resources compared to other area Catholic schools. Students, teachers and staff have an indomitable spirit that is refreshed each morning as every day begins with school-wide prayer in the chapel. This daily community-building experience also features a teacher who helps interpret and ground scripture readings in the successes and struggles of a historically disenfranchised population - adolescent males of color.

Loyola students are oriented toward a core disposition of "Men for Others" grounded in the 475 year-old principles of the founder of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola. These young men share this credo with their Jesuit-educated peers in countries near and far. The global nature of the Jesuit community links Loyola students to a spiritual community of service that transcends time and space from the westside of Detroit to the world.

A Loyola education has both real meaning and relevance to life beyond the walls of the school. Through the LWEP, extraordinary commitment to its students and indomitable spirit this school shines bright and offers a powerful beacon of hope to all who pass through its doors.

A Christianity of peace, service and practice is palpable at Loyola

A disciplined approach to academic study is a cornerstone of a Loyola education

House points are tracked and help create community

The LWEP bridges the gap between classroom and community for all students

The Loyola Debate program provides rhetorical opportunities and success at a national level

Athletics provide more ways to get involved at Loyola as these Bulldog bowlers prove

Loyola's basketball team consistently bests much bigger schools en route to championship seasons

Loyola's football program has won league and state titles, always doing so much more with less

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