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SOGI Conference Steps Up

The Michigan Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues in Education Conference was a rousing success.

This year we were reminded of the need to create climate change in our classrooms and communities. We are taking our next steps toward creating safe and inclusive climates in our classrooms, schools, and school districts. We are stepping out to change the climate in our communities and places of work to ensure all of us are safe and free from discrimination regardless of our actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Laurie Bechhofer of the MDE has been an advocate for students who are LGBTQ for many years

Colleagues come together to learn about LGBTQ issues in the classroom

When should we begin conversations around SOGI?

John Austin addresses the SOGI Conference

One day, all people will go to the bathroom matches their gender identity

Laurie Bechhofer, John Austin and Sean M. Kosofsky, Executive Director Tyler Clementi Foundation

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