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The Brilliance of Nova Now

The brilliance of Nova Now rests in the student-driven nature of the experience. The fact that the kids from Kent Innovation High School play a critical role in sharing the successes of a project-based learning approach speak volumes about the power of student voice and choice. After listening to these dynamic young people talk about their experience not only as students at KIH but as active participants in their learning reminds all visitors that project-based learning motivates and engages learners in ways that cannot occur in any other learning modality. Brilliant.

Kent Innovation High students eagerly serve as ambassadors for Project-Based Learning at Nova Now.

So many causes create so many effects in this masterful Rube Goldberg device

Digital comic book creation fully engages both the creator and his readers

Michigan State Board of Education Trustee Lupe Ramos-Montigny experiences the creativity of makerspace

Core principles at Kent Innovation High School

Even the bathroom walls at KIH are places of inspiration

Pauline Roberts and Mark Morawski from Birmingham Covington School can't wait to come back to KIH

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