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Sharing Success - So Central

Each month at the Michigan State Board of Education meetings, different educators from around the state take five minutes to share snippets of the powerful experiences they practice with their students. Oftentimes, members of the State Board, consultants from the Michigan Department of Education and legislators from the Michigan State House and Senate, do not have the opportunity to witness the dynamic practices that happen around the state. When teachers come to the State Board table and tell their stories of successful practices, we are all reminded of the where our focus must always remain - squarely in the classroom with teachers, students and their learning.

Luke Wilcox, math teacher from East Kentwood High School shares his practice in October 2015. Luke, a finalist for the Michigan Teacher of the Year award is also a Presidential Math and Science Award winning teacher

Hattie Maguire, a dynamic English teacher at Novi High School shares the power of the creative process at a meeting of the SBOE in October.

Emily Pohlonski, a science teacher at Novi High School, speaks about the power of hands-on science and the importance of connecting the real world to what kids learn in classrooms at the November meeting. Emily is a finalist for the Michigan Teacher of the Year award, a National Board Certified Teacher and president of the Network of Michigan Educators.

Phil Jankowski and Mike Musary share the amazing success of the #Armada Achieves program for directing high school students to college at the December meeting.


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