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Early College of Macomb County

The Early College of Macomb County provides a powerful opportunity to motivated students to begin work at the university level while still in high school. They may earn up to the 62 college credits required for their associate’s degree or technical certificate. These credits may also be transferred to a four year college program. They have the option to begin work immediately in their chosen field, or continue with their education a year ahead of their peers toward a Bachelor’s degree.

Students attend school through Grade 13, after which they may transfer to a four-year university having already earned an associate's degree. These young people take classes at both the ECMC and their home high school in Macomb County. There is no cost for this program to the students or their parents.

On my visit to ECMC, I found students who truly appreciated this opportunity. They valued the chance to study with like-minded people who looked forward to a promising future. They valued the college environment and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it.

Ed Stanton, Director of Admissions and Outreach and Casandra Ulbrich, Vice President of College Advancement and Community Relations and Trustee of the Michigan State Board of Education

Students at the Early College of Macomb County appreciate the valuable opportunity they've been given

The possibilities are endless for these Early College students from throughout Macomb County

I was fortunate to have a chance to witness the power of this model through conversations with students and staff

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