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My greatest challenge as Michigan Teacher of the Year is to be relevant. To make a difference. To do something that matters to someone somewhere. Ideally, I can serve as a catalyst for change and help bring successful models to scale in ways that are sustainable.

Somedays, I just need to show up.

This was the case when I heard that the Rev. Jesse Jackson would be marching and speaking in Flint to address the Water Crisis. As this emergency has serious impacts for education, I wanted the people of Flint to know that I care about them. I wanted them to know that I stand with them today and as long as it takes until not only their water is safe to drink, but that all students in the city have equitable access to excellent educational opportunities.

The march began at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Flint

Rev. Jesse Jackson after addressing the crowd at a rally at the Flint Water Plant

Corroded water pipes in the foreground with their replacements behind them

Donated water in the foyer of Metropolitan Baptist Church

Residents need only to come in and ask to receive clean water

Church members help distribute water

A member of Metropolitan Baptist Church works the water

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