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Brimming With "Entusiasmo"

I left Roberto Clemente Academy, a Detroit Public School, with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. The students in Kim Kyff's third grade classroom made sure of that.

While I enjoyed the opportunity to tour the school and learn about some of the exciting things happening there, it was the chance to read The Junkyard Wonders aloud to the kids that occupied the majority of my time. Nearly every child in the class spoke Spanish - which afforded me the opportunity to engage the students in two languages and two cultures. I emphasized the incredible value that being a bilingual person has, and how everyone should always be proud of their home language and culture.

The students resonated well with the message of the book - that they are all geniuses. They asked if I could return and spend more time with them. With such dynamic and engaged students, how could I refuse?

A collaborative culture creates learning opportunities for all

Students work together to learn and grow

This beautiful media center is staffed by the teachers themselves who do without a media specialist

The Junkyard Wonders reminds us that we are all geniuses...every one!

What a tremendous community of learners, big and small!

These kids are full of great energy and "entusiasmo"

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