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Drew: Connected to the Community

Drew Transition Center is a world-class school serving a remarkable population of students. A Detroit Public School, Drew is a place for students between the ages of 18-26 who have cognitive learning differences. Young adults at Drew take courses that address practical life skills for daily living. Many of the students have paying jobs at a variety of businesses and organizations throughout Metro Detroit.

Drew's Farmstand Program features the kind of hands-on project-based learning that serves a significant need in any community - it feeds people. It has been featured in many media outlets such as this article in The Detroit Free Press. Michael Craig, a finalist for the Michigan Teacher of the Year, spearheads the Farmstand Program, which has received international recognition for the way it not only excites and empowers students, but provides a variety of learning opportunities to the students who manage it.

Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and State Board of Education Trustee Michelle Fecteau, both staunch advocates for students with special needs, paid a visit to Drew and met the remarkable students and staff. They both came away impressed with the profound community of love and care that exists at Drew. They also were aware that despite the accolades Drew has received for its dynamic curriculum and Farmstand Program, that it is still one of Detroit Public School's best kept secrets. Not for long, especially since Drew students continue to make significant impacts both at school and in the community.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley goes to the "bank" to make a deposit

State Board of Education Trustee Michelle Fecteau picks up a few bargains at Drew's fully functioning thrift shop

Michael Craig explains how crops are grown in one of the many hoop houses at Drew

Students in a sewing class perform a stirring rendition of Louis Armstrong's classic, "What a Wonderful World" for us

Students in Sewing 101 show us their skills

Students in a shop class build planters that are wheelchair accessible and barrier-free

Michael Craig shows Brian Calley his hydroponically grown plants

Yes, we are at a school in the City of Detroit!

Michael Craig explains the agriscience of hoop house horticulture

Mr. Craig enables his students to bridge the gap between school and life on a daily basis

Just by being at Drew, we grew and grew and grew!

It's easy to make lots of new friends at Drew

Michelle Fecteau goes shopping at the gift shop

Drew prides itself on being the "One Stop Support Shop" to assist students in both life-skills and community job placement

These students prepare to board buses to go to work at a variety of employment sites in the community

Brian Calley is impressed by the range of job placement possibilities for students at Drew

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