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From Central America to Clawson

As part of a meeting of the Job-Embedded Professional Learning Network, I had the opportunity to tour classrooms at Clawson Middle School and High School. I was impressed with the positive climate and atmosphere at Clawson, where students are empowered to be change agents.

When I stepped into the English as a Second Language tutoring center I met Jessica Hauser-Brydon and her amazing high school students. All of the kids were English Language Learners from El Salvador. Jessica works with them three days per week as a Paraeducator/ELL Tutor and provides support to assist the students in their general education coursework. I was struck by the resilience of these young people as they recounted the difficult and sometimes harrowing journey they undertook in order to travel to the USA. I could not imagine the challenges and deprivations that many of them had overcome.

Many of Ms. Hauser-Brydon's students also have jobs outside of school to support their families. They work long hours after class at a local restaurant. Despite what appeared to be a classroom full of students facing a difficult life, I was struck by these students work ethic, determination and positive attitude. They wanted to succeed. In many ways, they had already accomplished more than most people well beyond their years.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with these young scholars. I left promising to seek out whatever services I could to support them and certainly hope to return for another visit soon.

Peace is a guiding principle at Clawson Middle School and High School

A belief in the power of diversity is evident in the hallways and classrooms in Clawson

Students demonstrate and explain their thinking in creative ways

Jessica Hauser guides and assists her students through a variety of content areas

Students from El Salvador work toward greater understanding in their ESL class at Clawson High School

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