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Hope and Heritage at Hannahville Indian School

Hannahville Indian School is a place that saves lives.

Located 20 minutes west of Escanaba, the school is part of the Hannahville Indian Community, a rapidly growing entity whose mission is to preserve and enhance the Band of Potawatomi’s social, economic and cultural existence.

I was amazed and impressed with the level of services available for students in programs ranging from infant to 12th grade. The active preservation of Potawatomi language and culture is undertaken through daily Potawatomi instruction designed to teach all students, regardless of their ancestral awareness or connection. While the majority of students at Hannahville are Indian, the school welcomes all children.

I appreciated the wraparound care afforded to members of the community who are beyond school age. Programs exist at the school that are designed to provide alternative education support and health care. The native pride and sense of hope is palpable and real at Hannahville Indian School.

Native American art and iconography greet visitors and community members alike at Hannahville Indian School

Teachers and staff are welcoming, nurturing and supportive

The awareness of our connection to the earth as custodians of the planet is a core component of life at Hannahville Indian School

Students collaborate actively throughout the day

Teachers engage students and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners

Small class sizes facilitates an atmosphere of family at Hannahville Indian School

All learners at all levels are deeply valued

The power of play is preserved in this preschool classroom

The arts are embraced and valued as a critical component of every child's education

Young children explore roles through play

Toddlers explore their world through the support of constructive and loving teachers

Music and kinesthetic learning enhances the acquisition of new knowledge

Emphasis on process over content is a key component of learning at Hannahville Indian School

All learners are welcomed and included

Potawatomi teacher Kyle James Kovish teaches Potawatomi language and culture

SMART board technology is used to teach an ancient language in modern times

The visual arts are embraced as powerful means of self expression and identity

The awareness and embrace of Potawatomi culture is present in student-created art that decorates the classrooms and hallways of Hannahville Indian School

The emphasis on community and service above self is evident in the art and atmosphere

Character in community is a strong emphasis

Students are reminded of the power of visual images as they make art

Signs in Potawatomi adorn the walls

Hannahville Indian School provides a welcoming, culturally relevant academic environment

Pride and hope are universal themes and manifest throughout the school and its community

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