• Rick Joseph

Lots to Love about Lakeview

Community pride. As a visitor to Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee, I was struck by the intense passion for learning at the school and the sense of ownership and investment felt by everyone throughout the building. At Lakeview, relationships matter. I could feel it in everyone I met from the kindergartners to the secretaries in the office to the educators in their classrooms.

Students take great pride in their school community and their own learning at Lakeview. Teachers value the opportunity to know their students and families well in order to best help those children grow. Together, there is a strong triangulation of support between community, families and school.

Lakeview is the kind of community school every child ought to attend. The kids love their school. The teachers care deeply about their work. The families appreciate the atmosphere of learning and support. There's certainly a lot to love about Lakeview!

I was warmly greeted when I arrived in the main office at Lakeview

Children are able to grow and blossom independently in partnership with home and school

Students make music as young percussionists

The joy of rhythm is evident as kids make music and sing with joy

Occupational therapy services provide support for children with special needs

Every year, ducks come to roost in the courtyard at Negaunee Elementary...

...providing the opportunity for an annual parade of ducklings!

Student-created art lines the walls at Negaunee, enabling students to see claim ownership of their academic environment

Students are reminded of the words and message of Patricia Polacco, that they are, in fact, geniuses

Dental care is offered to students at Negaunee who require it... a comfortable, professional setting

Principal Julie Peterson takes tremendous pride in leading Negaunee Elemenrary School

Yes, Lakeview truly does have a lake view - this is the extraordinary view from the front door of the school