• Rick Joseph

Goal Setting for Success in Clawson

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to Clawson High School to facilitate a goal setting experience with English Language Learners. The practice of setting goals and developing action plans is an important life skill. It is so important for all people to take the time to pause and reflect in order to maximize their ongoing potential.

I was thrilled to be able to support the ongoing work of Paraeducator Jessica Hauser-Brydon and Teacher Keri Guevara. These two educators are keenly aware of the unique challenges that ELL's face, and have been staunch advocates for students whose life experiences are unique and different from their mainstream peers. They are actively seeking resources and opportunities for their children.

Student goals sounded familiar to those of typical high school students. "I want to graduate high school and become a police officer" read one student's goal. "I want to be a nurse and help people," went another. Some goals, however, also represented the realities of living as an immigrant - or in some cases - a refugee from violence. "I want to make enough money to visit my family in El Salvador," said one student. Another noted, "I want to bring my family together again."

The opportunity for students to share their goals aloud - both in partnerships and whole-group - may help them find the support in community that we all need to be the best people we can be. I certainly wish these remarkable students the best as they pursue their dreams for a successful future.

Students use chart paper to reflect on and then write out their goals

The kids were also encouraged to sketch out ideas and images

Teacher Keri Guevara supports kids at Clawson High School who are English Language Learners

Paraeducator Jessica Hauser-Brydon provides one-on-one and group intervention for students who are ELL's

The opportunity to write a goal out can help make it a reality

Students shared their goals - in both English and their home language - with the class

Students acknowledged that they may have known a peer for years, but never had any idea what their goals were. Now they have an opportunity to provide support - simply though their awareness.