• Rick Joseph

Coleman Young Elementary Empowers Learners

Coleman A. Young Elementary School is the kind of caring community where kids are encouraged to reach their highest potential.

What always amazes me when I step into a Detroit Public School is the invariable professionalism and dedication of the staff. I am reminded of the veritable sea of negativity and bad publicity surrounding DPS that colors my perception and skews my prejudice in negative ways, even though I know better. Mainstream media messages and relentless stories of low test scores, “failing” schools and the overall systemic dysfunction obscure the day-to-day reality of hard work and selfless behavior that exemplify educator-student interactions.

____________________, a 5th grade teacher at Coleman Young exemplifies the culture of care that exists at this school. Visitors to her classroom are greeted by a massive 3-dimensional sign covering her entire door that features lifelike hands wrapped around out a novel that says, “Get your hands on a great book.” The walls of er classroom are painted purple and adorned with exhortations of love, hope and peace. I immediately felt comfortable in this space and felt a desire to stay, learn and be.

cultivates a community of literacy from the moment students walk in her classroom

Joy and peace are watchwords for fifth graders

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper is the story of Melody - a girl with cerebral palsy - who transforms her life and the lives of those around her through the aid of technology

Students at Coleman Young receive extra support from dedicated educators

African American cultures is recognized and celebrated throughout the school

Coleman Young has a long history of the use of recycled materials to create sustainable, beautiful public art

Murals remind students of the powerful contributions...

...of African and African American change-agents across the decades and centuries

Assistant Principal, ____________, Teacher, _______________ and Principal Melissa Scott provide dedicated leadership at Coleman Young